The “CASTORI” Good-Year shoe is distinguished by its great flexibility, durability and by the elegance and refinement required as a hand-crafted product.
In order to keep them beautiful and comfortable it’s important to follow some these simple rules :

– Shoes should never be worn for several consecutive days, you have to allow shoes to rest for at least twenty four hours.

– Always put them on with a shoehorn.

– Do use a heat source to dry wet shoes, otherwise the leather will dry, become hard and crack. Shoes with a leather soles should be placed on their side and on the floor so that they can dry properly.

– After daily use remove the dirt with a shoe brush (if necessary use a damp cloth).

– For shoes in suede calf use only rubber brushes.

– Once you take off your shoes, immediatately insert the shoe-tree; apply the leather nourishing cream, when dry, polish with a cotton or wool cloth.

– Place your shoes into the cotton pouch and in its box paying attention to place the shoes faced up, soles faced down, in contact with the box bottom.

Shoes handled with care are often more beautiful than a new ones.

shoecare castori shoes